About Us

Design is an essential element of high-end marketing. At Oxman Design, we are geared to get the results you want from your branding efforts, your advertising, and your website. For the last 10 years, we have used our design to successfully market high tech companies, hospitals, education companies, and many others.

We offer you all the resources you may need: an art director, copywriters, and website designers. Our staff has been trained at premiere art institutes of the country including Pratt Institute and Maryland Institute College of Art, worked for top ad agencies and have over 30 years of combined ad agency experience. You can work with all or just one of us depending on your company’s specific marketing goals. We tailor our talents to your needs with no costly extras.

Oxman Design is the ideal resource for:

  • Smaller firms, professional practices or marketing departments that do not have their own art staff. We can help give your organization a professional look. We respect your budget, and we can take on anything from a single project to an entire campaign.
  • Larger companies that may have a graphics department but require agency level design for a specific project, campaign, or marketing need. We are willing to assist in your marketing efforts large or small. Our flexibility is one of the reasons we have worked for some of Baltimore‚Äôs biggest firms.

At Oxman Design, we take the utmost pride in the quality of our work. We provide inspired creative, smart copy, contemporary design, tailored web sites, and flawless production at about half the cost of working with a traditional agency. We never charge a retainer. Quick turnarounds are not a problem. We never charge a rush fee.

May we help with your marketing efforts? We are ready when you are. Contact us for a free consultation.